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Ready to Try Semaglutide? Here's What You Should Know

Jan 16, 2024
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Losing weight is challenging and even harder when a hormone imbalance gets in the way. You may have heard of semaglutide — a new medicine that can help eliminate even the most stubborn fat. Here’s what you should know before trying it.

Have you been doing everything possible to lose weight, but nothing seems to work? If you have a hormone imbalance, your risk of gaining weight is higher, and it can be difficult to shed even a few pounds.

At Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Pompano Beach in South Florida, our providers know how to get to the bottom of hormonal weight gain. With medically supervised injections of semaglutide, a new anti-obesity medication, your imbalanced hormones are targeted to help you reach your goal weight.

If you think now might be the right time to start semaglutide, there are some things you should know about this medication. 

What is semaglutide?

In 2021, the FDA approved semaglutide for weight loss in adults. The medication was initially developed to help manage type 2 diabetes. It comes in the form of a weekly injection.

The power of the drug comes from mimicking glucagon-like peptide-1. This hormone occurs naturally in your body and helps with appetite and glucose management

The result is you feeling fuller after eating less, cutting cravings and helping you lose weight. In fact, adults who use semaglutide lose an average of 15% of their starting weight and keep it off for longer.

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Pompano Beach combines semaglutide with other healthy lifestyle changes, such as a more nutritious diet and exercise, to ensure you accomplish your goals. 

How does semaglutide treat hormone-related weight gain?

Up to three-quarters of American adults struggle with weight, and many due to their hormones. Hormones manage many important body functions like appetite regulation, metabolism, and fat storage. When they’re imbalanced, weight loss is difficult.

It’s essential to understand the underlying conditions that cause hormonal imbalances. These factors include the following:

  • Thyroid dysfunction and disorders
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Chronic stress
  • Insulin resistance and diabetes
  • Perimenopause and menopause
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Semaglutide’s active ingredients reduce your appetite and boost satiety by balancing your hormones to signal your body when you feel full!

Who can take semaglutide?

Though you may want to try semaglutide, keep in mind that not everyone is a suitable candidate, and it should only be used under professional medical supervision. This medication is usually recommended to patients who have a:

  • BMI over 30 OR
  • BMI over 27, along with one or more health conditions tied to weight gain (such as type 2 diabetes)

While semaglutide can help with weight loss, it’s essential to have realistic goals and expectations and stay dedicated to a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. 

Our team can determine if semaglutide is right for you based on a diagnosis of the underlying conditions of your weight gain. 

To learn if you’re a candidate for semaglutide, meet with a provider at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Pompano Beach. We review your medical history, current health, lifestyle factors, and may perform tests or exams.

Ready to find out more? Schedule an appointment online or over the phone at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Pompano Beach in Pompano Beach, Florida, today!